Five Reasons Why Your Kids Need to Learn Public Speaking


Public speaking, the art of speaking at length in front of a crowd easily, is an integral part of today’s world. The secret to becoming an eloquent speaker is simple: practice. Like any other form of art, public speaking comes with practice and is a quality few have inherently. That is why many schools in Singapore believe they should teach public speaking in the early stages of development, i.e, in primary schools. Let us understand how learning public speaking at a young age can be beneficial compared to an adult.

Prepares Them For The Future

Every parent has questioned how they will prepare their children to face such an ever-changing world. While there are many ways to ensure your child stays ahead of the arc, public speaking can be a game changer. While speaking publicly, one never knows what kind of audience one will come across. Sometimes you have to alter the script as per the response. Adapting to the audience’s reaction might take time, but it is a critical skill to build. In such a situation, a child can learn to approach all the problems in their future with a calm mind.

Reduces Anxiety

Anxious thoughts are a common and familiar feeling for most adults. Yet, many of us do not know how to deal with them effectively. Failure to do so can have catastrophic effects on our day-to-day life. 

Enrolling your kid in a national or international primary school with a public speaking program can help them avoid growing into adults with anxiety. While it is difficult to establish a direct connection, confidence built at a young age will very well transform into adulthood. In addition, the confidence built through public speaking is handy if you are doubting yourself or experiencing anxiety issues.

Builds Excellent Communication Skills

This might seem the most apparent advantage of public speaking, but it is also the most crucial. In the ever-changing world of social media, audiences prefer to consume content in videos and live streams. Therefore, no matter how much one tries to avoid social media, to be a successful brand or personality, one has to maintain their public appearance. So, while selecting a primary school in Singapore, select one that encourages public speaking.

Overall Development

Contrary to popular belief that public speaking only helps develop good communication skills, it also contributes to the overall development of a human being. A good international primary school’s public speaking program includes many activities for the children. From mirror audiences, mock speeches, and spontaneous Q&As towards the end, children develop the skill of critical thinking. This skill helps them not only know by heart the statistics of the topics but also apply them to form compelling insights on the topics through creative thinking.

Art of Expression

Everyone has gone through so many life experiences that they can relate to any situation. The art of expression refers to expressing one’s feelings and thoughts in any form. One can learn the art of expression through singing, dancing, writing, or speaking. A successful speaker inspires and motivates the crowd with their content. To improvise and strategise the importance of a point to the audience helps children form strong opinions in life. If you are proficient in English you will have no choice but to get a job. Because you can earn SEO-friendly content writing as a freelancer online.


Glossophobia, or a fear of speaking in public, can develop at any stage in life and result in people passing up many incredible opportunities. A young mind is always overflowing with innovations and ideas that might change the world; now, imagine not being able to express them in words to your audience.

A smart parent knows what is best for their child. So, if you want your kid to be successful and peaceful, enrol them in a primary school in Singapore with great public speaking programs and extra-curricular activities.

By Rawat

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