Choosing the Right Business Credit Cards for Travel Rewards and Benefits

By Rawat Oct18,2023

There’s no denying the fact that traveling is a part of your life if you are a business owner. And it doesn’t matter which type of business you run; at some point, you must get out and handle the things that can’t be done from an office.

Meetings, negotiations, and who knows what else, business traveling will never end. And guess what comes with it? The spending, the transactions, the use of money while traveling, and primarily via credit cards.

And it’s not bad, though. Credit cards do allow you to spend a lot of money in split seconds, but they can also prove to be beneficial, especially with all the reward programs these credit card companies run.

These reward programs or offers allow card owners to save some bucks on their purchases, and what better way to save some money while on the go? But what if your current credit card company is not providing such offers? In fact, what if they never do?

You might want to switch to another one, then. But which one? The options are many, but we want you to look into some of the best ones only. So, here we go, the best business credit cards for travel, but before that, let’s catch up on what exactly a business credit card is.

What Exactly are Business Credit Cards for Travel?

Credit cards made just for businesses are called “business credit cards.” These cards are designed in such a way that they could make managing money easier or get rewards for buying things for the business. The main specialties of these cards can be:

1.     Higher Credit Limits

The credit limits on business credit cards are way higher than those on consumer cards, thus allowing a business owner to be in a better financial position to invest in the company’s long-term success.

2.     Better Business Credits

Companies, like people, have something called a “credit score.” Using a business credit card responsibly can raise or keep that rating steady. This may pave the way for easier access to capital in the future.

3.     More Rewards and Benefits

Insurance for rental cars, trips, cell phones, and more may be available to businesses with the right credit card. Spending rewards, such as gift cards or vacations, could be offered with a high-credit business card.

How to Select the Best Business Travelling Card?

Traveling on business trips is not a complex task. It involves a lot of things, going from here and there, flying overseas. You may have a country-wide business that needs driving cross-country. But traveling is traveling, be it overseas or cross-country. To be precise, it attracts spending money, and to cash, we use credit cards. To make sure you are using the best cards that not only allow you to pay and save, assess your travel habits first, other things like the ones below:

1.     Ask Yourself, How Much Do You Spend?

To find this out, look into travel-related expenses and find out where the money is being spent more. It can be hotels, flights, or even restaurants. When you know the right info, it will allow you to select the right credit card that will also save you some money via rewards points, gift cards, accelerated purchases, cash reward bonuses, cash-back points, etc.

2.     Make Sense of How Interest Works

It is one of those aspects of the finance and credit card world that people often overlook and ignore entirely. Do not ignore the interest rates of credit cards, especially when trying to save money. Travel credit cards typically fall in the range of regular cards and might not incur that much interest rates but still make sure to find how much they do.

3.     What’s the Credit Limit of the Card?

This aspect is also very important to look into as it will draw boundaries and put limits on your spending. How much credit limit you want will depend on how much you travel for business purposes and where you travel. Expensive restaurant bookings, business-class and luxury flights, and lavish hotels demand more money, thus higher credit limits of cards.

So, once you have pondered around the above things, start narrowing down on the cards you have selected. It can be done by keeping things like the abundance of reward offers offered by card companies, comparing interest rates, credit limits on offer, etc., ultimately allowing you to select the business travel card for yourself.

How Can You Save on Business Travelling?

Look, there are a lot of expenses that might come up when you travel for business purposes. And, saving on those expenses will depend on the locations you are travel and what bookings you are making. But that doesn’t mean it’s hard saving when traveling on business. As a matter of fact, here’s what you can do:

1.     Saving on Hotel Bookings

When saving on hotel room bookings, a business credit card can be the key. Use affiliate credit cards and book rooms in associated hotels only, which will allow you to earn accelerated offers and credit rewards. These types of cards become even more useful if you stay in one kind of hotel chain every time.

When it comes to non-affiliated cards, you may not benefit much but still you can redeem credit rewards on your hotel bookings. If there are enough points available, some free bookings might be on your way too.

2.     Flight Bookings

There are certain ways that can help you save on flight bookings, such as using a credit card that allows redeeming credit points while paying for flights.

Business travel credit cards are another option that can save you big time on flights. The specialty in them is that they offer companion fare offers. So, whenever you’re able to redeem that offer, the additional flight ticket you’ll buy will come at a discounted price. Therefore, whenever you have a colleague traveling with you, try to get this offer.

3.     Bookings in Restaurants

Cash-back cards are the superstars when it comes to dining in restaurants. When on a business trip, use a cash-back card, as it always gives you extra points when you dine out. Collect these extra points and use them later to get a free dinner eventually.

Some cash-back cards also allow redeeming of gift cards in exchange for points, which can be used at fancy restaurants around the world. Just make sure you familiarize yourself with all the terms of the cash-back card you have because all these cards are not the same every time.

4.     Saving While Renting Cars

Renting cars while traveling on business is a usual thing, which can sometimes be costly. However, credit cards with travel redeem points can cut this cost a bit. So, whenever you choose to rent a car, make sure to rent it from a company that accepts your travel credit card. That way, you’ll be able to use the credit rewards on rental cars and the discounts will come in.

How Can You Apply for Business Credit Cards for Travel?

It’s easy. Yes, indeed it is. All you have to do is first select which one you need. To do that, check what travel rewards the credit company offers. If they suit fit, apply for the card with the following info handy:

  • Your business name, contact info, and address
  • Number of days, months, or years your business exists
  • Employee count in your company
  • Annual revenue of the company
  • Monthly expenses of the company
  • EIN or Employee Identification Number

Apart from the above, the credit card companies may also ask for your personal info mainly your name, contact number, house address, email, SSN, and annual income. 

ITILITE’s IL Cards: One of the Best Business Credit Cards for Travel?

ITILITE, basically a platform that provides individuals and businesses with travel and business expense management tools, came up with an IL card. The purpose of the card is to make business travel easy, profitable, and more streamlined.

When we talk about the benefits of these IL cards by ITILITE, there are many, which ultimately can bring a huge change to a business’ corporate landscape. More cashback, easiness in getting the cards, minimal processing fees, and lower interest rates are just some of the benefits that ITILITE has on offer.

The ultimate goal of providing these offers is simple – to allow businesses to take more control of their finances, optimize their spending, especially travel spending, and boost the overall fiscal savings at the end of the year.

ITILITE knows that credit cards are not just for making transactions but also play a good role in maximizing efficiency of expense management. With that in mind, the IL cards by ITILITE are packed with the following benefits and features:

A Cashback of 1.5%

The amount of cashback that ITILITE offers on its IL cards is unmatched. 1.5% of cashback offer makes it the most as compared to its competitors. What’s more exciting is that ITILITE does not take any conversion charges to convert these cashbacks. Therefore, every dollar you spend on your card has the potential to translate itself into tangible savings.

Corporate Features That Benefit Companies

Corporate credit cards are often solely focused on providing employee benefits. Amidst all this, companies themselves are devoid of the offers or benefits. But not with ITILITE’s IL cards. These cards channel most of the benefits towards companies, making sure your business is reaping rewards while spending money.

No Additional Charges

The cards offered by ITILITE allow customizable limits on spending. You can also get an unlimited card for your employees from them at no additional charge. Further, it allows the employees to set their own spending limits that won’t require any service charges, thus making the cards perfect for businesses with high spending requirements.

Feeless Physical and Virtual Cards

Regarding IL cards, there’s no financial burden in sight. No annual fees are incurred whether you have physical IL cards or virtual ones. Thus, making it one of the least card companies out there that charge no substantial fees per year for just having cards.

Charge Card Model

Because ITILITE Cards has a charge card model, businesses can better keep track of their spending. Charge cards need to be paid in full at the end of each billing cycle, while credit card balances can build up over time, therefore helping your organization be more responsible with its money.

The Bottom Line: Best Business Credit Cards for Travel

If something can enhance your traveling on business trips, then it will be having the right business credit cards for travel by your side. The right one will save money, provide you with time-to-time offers, and keep your shopping experience hassle-free.

Above, there are some of the credit cards that might suit you. But the one that stands out the most is ITILITE’s IL cards. Valuable rewards, dedicated support, expense management, etc., are just the tip of the iceberg for ITILITE’s IL cards. The real deal lies in their many other valuable offerings. All you have to do is just get in touch with them and ask for it.

By Rawat

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