Window Boxes Help Anyone to See Inside the Package         

When it comes to packaging, there are a number of options available; we can choose a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Window boxes are also a type of packaging used for packaging of a lot of items. These can be used as packaging food items or as packaging for mugs, candles, or other decoration pieces. Window boxes are different from other boxes because they have a window on the top to help the customer look at the actual product. This helps customers to clear all the doubts and misconceptions they have about the product. They can also see the actual color and quality of the product, which are often not clearly seen in the pictures.

Different shapes of Window boxes

Windows can be inserted in boxes of various shapes and sizes. For example, we can use white window box custom packaging for small gifts such as those given at weddings or small jewelry items like rings and earrings. On the other hand, we can get a large version of the same boxes for bakery items such as donuts and pastries. Moreover, windows can be added to boxes of any shape. This box may be a rectangle, triangle, square, or a less common type of shapes such as a pentagon or hexagon. Windows will be easily added to any box and make it look great.

Window Boxes at affordable rates

It may seem that these boxes are going to cost you a lot if you order them in a large quantities. However, this is not the case in reality. These boxes come in very affordable rates when ordered in bulk. It may be your wedding, and you want to use these boxes to put wedding favors in them, if this is the case, you can get window gift boxes wholesale from any box-making company. This will be ideal for you, as you will be able to vet a large number of boxes at a cheap rate.

Handles can be added

In addition to windows, you can even get boxes with handles for your food items or any other products. This Kraft box packaging is more specifically known as a gable box, and when a window is used in it, the name becomes a window gable box. These handles can be added to candle boxes with windows. A window will allow the customer to take a closer look at the candle’s shape, quality, size, and design of the candle. In addition, handles will help with the easy carrying of the box.

Customizing Window boxes

If you are a brand owner who wants a great distinguished look for your products, then you must consider custom designing your packaging. You can go ahead with custom boxes with a clear window for your product. These look so elegant and so decent. Mostly the side of the box where a window is present has a cardboard boundary surrounding a plastic window. There is not much writing or design present on this side as the main focus is the product that can be seen from the window. All the other sides are usually covered with cardboard. You can write your brand name on the boundary surrounding the window, or you can write it on the side of the box where the lid is present.

You can use a variety of colors for your boxes. However, boxes with windows look more appealing when you use the same color for them as the color of your product. For example, using a blue-colored box would look great when there is a blue-colored candle inside it. You can also use a different pattern of the window boundary than the rest of the box. For example, you can use a yellow flower pattern for the boundary while keeping the rest of the box simple with just yellow walls without a pattern. Custom retail packaging window boxes also look great when similar methods of color and design are applied to them.

The window of boxes can also be made in a variety of shapes. Like, it is possible to choose a heart-shaped window for a pillow box with a window box. This pillow box may have a heart-shaped necklace inside it, and using a heart-shaped window will make the product look so cute and stylish. Such boxes are ideal for giving as a gift on Valentine or Christmas.

Summing up, Kraft packaging with a window is perfect when you want your customers to see products clearly before buying. They work best with food items, jewelry pieces, and decorating items. Make sure you use them to help your products get the attention they deserve.

By Rawat

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