What are the Spirit Airlines Seat Assignment Rules

By Luke Jan13,2024
Spirit Airlines Seat Assignment Rules
Spirit Airlines Seat Assignment Rules

Spirit will give you a complimentary seat assignment at check-in, but we can’t promise that you’ll get to sit with your loved ones. Our gate drivers and flight crew members will attempt to assign adjacent seats whenever feasible if guests traveling with children under the age of 13 do not choose to pre-select seats when making their reservation.

You are able to purchase a seat assignment and select the seat of your choice. Starting at just $5, seat assignments differ based on the aircraft’s location and particular routes. Extra legroom is available with a Big Front Seat for a little bit more.

When you book online, in My Trips, or during Online Check-in (within), you can view the seat prices for your flight on the Seats page. Spirit Airlines provides a range of seating options to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of its passengers. Let’s examine the various seat options available to you on Spirit Airlines flights.

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Regular Seats

Standard seats are Spirit Airlines’ most popular seating option. These seats are available throughout the aircraft and provide most passengers with sufficient comfort. Although standard seats are complimentary, you can pay an additional fee to reserve a specific standard seat, giving you the opportunity to sit nearer the front or with more legroom.

Large Front Seats

Spirit Airlines offers Big Front Seats, which are comparable to business class seats on other airlines, if you’re looking for extra room and comfort. These seats offer improved recline, wider seats, and more legroom because they are in the front of the aircraft. Big Front Seats are more expensive, but if you prefer more roomy seating or have longer flights, the extra comfort and convenience may make the investment worthwhile.

Row Seats for Exit

Spirit Airlines has exit row seats available for those who value extra legroom. These seats have plenty of legroom and are close to the emergency exits, so you can extend out during your flight. It’s crucial to remember that these seats have certain obligations, like the need to be physically able to aid in an emergency evacuation. Spirit Airlines may therefore have particular eligibility requirements for customers choosing exit row seats.

How to book Spirit Seats?

Visit the Spirit Airlines site spirit.com or mobile app.

Log in to your account or enter the details of your reservation.

Examine the “My Trips” or “Manage Travel” section.

Find your impending Spirit Airlines flight and snap on it.

Search for the seat selection and snap on it.

Examine the accessible seating chart and select the seat of your choice.

Pay for the Spirit Seat determination fee based on the type of seat selected if that applies.

You’re set to go once you confirm your seat choice!

Policies and Fees for Seat Selection

While organizing your Spirit Airlines trip, it is essential to comprehend the costs and regulations pertaining to seat selection. The following are some crucial points to remember:

Free standard seat selection is offered during online check-in, beginning 24 hours prior to the departure of your flight.

There can be costs involved if you want to select a particular standard seat in advance of online check-in. Demand and other factors, like seat location, affect the fees.

Large Front Seats are more expensive than regular seats because they provide more comfort.

Because exit row seats provide more legroom, they might also come with an additional cost.

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Points to consider for Seat Selection

Legroom: Big Front Seats and exit row seats are good options if you value having more legroom.

Seat Location: You may want seats near the wings for a smoother ride, or closer to the front for faster boarding and landing, depending on what you want.

Window or Aisle: Choose between the privacy and views that come with window seats and the ease of aisle seats that make it easier to get to the restroom and overhead bins.

Closeness to Facilities: Depending on your requirements and preferences, take into account how close you are to restrooms, galleys, or emergency exits.

When traveling with companions, it might be a good idea to choose seats together or along the aisle opposite one another.

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