The Importance of EV Charging Infrastructure

By Rawat Jun22,2023

Hotels are increasingly adopting The Green Hospitality Revolution, with a particular emphasis on incorporating electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. In this article, we will delve into the importance of EV charging for homes and hotels that are committed to promoting an environmentally friendly future. 

Advantages of Investing in EV Charging Infrastructure for Hotels

The popularity of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure as a hotel amenity is on the rise. There are numerous advantages associated with investing in EV charging infrastructure, including attracting environmentally-conscious guests, minimizing the hotel’s environmental impact, and enhancing its financial performance.

The demand for EVs is steadily increasing, with a notable 37% rise in EV sales in the United States in 2017 alone. As a result, hotel guests are increasingly seeking access to charging stations while they travel.

A survey revealed that almost half of EV owners would be more inclined to choose a hotel that provides EV charging facilities, while one-third of non-EV owners would also be more likely to opt for a hotel with such amenities.

Beyond the environmental benefits of reducing the hotel’s carbon footprint, the installation of EV chargers can contribute to earning prestigious green certifications and accolades like LEED or Green Key certification. This not only attracts eco-conscious guests but also enhances the overall reputation of the property.

Cost savings: Electric vehicles offer lower operating and maintenance costs compared to gasoline-powered cars, resulting in potential savings for hotel guests.

Enhancing air quality: Electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions, leading to improved air quality both within and around the hotel premises.

Capitalizing on marketing opportunities: Hotels that provide EV charging infrastructure can promote themselves as environmentally conscious and sustainable establishments, appealing to eco-conscious travellers and creating a valuable marketing opportunity.

How to Prepare for the Implementation of EV Charging Infrastructure in Your Hotel

As the hotel industry strives for greater sustainability, electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is emerging as a popular choice for hotels aiming to adopt eco-friendly practices. Here are some tips to help you prepare for implementing EV charging infrastructure in your hotel:

Assess your EV charging requirements: Begin by evaluating the EV charging needs specific to your hotel. Consider factors such as the projected number of EVs requiring charging, whether each guest room needs an individual charger, or if communal chargers will suffice.

Choose optimal charger locations: Once you determine the number of chargers required, carefully select appropriate locations for them. Ensure that the chargers are conveniently accessible to guests and have easy connections to an electrical power source.

Collaborate with a qualified electrician: The installation of EV chargers necessitates the expertise of a qualified electrician. Partner with an electrician who possesses experience in installing EV chargers and is knowledgeable about relevant electrical codes and standards.


As the travel industry embraces sustainability, eco-friendly solutions are becoming standard practice. To remain competitive, electric car charger for home stays must prioritize investing in on-site electric vehicle charging stations. As environmental consciousness grows, hotel chains should explore providing guests with complimentary or discounted access to these services as an added value and demonstration of their commitment to sustainability.

By Rawat

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