How to Modify Spirit Airlines Flight

By Rawat Dec15,2023
Book Spirit Flight Ticket
Book Spirit Flight Ticket

Spirit Airlines has a way to quickly and nicely help with changing your flight. You can go on their website and pick a different date or time for your flight at least 24 hours before you’re supposed to fly. But that’s not all. To know all the rules about changing or canceling your flight with Spirit Airlines, keep reading.

Here are some ways to change your Spirit Airlines booking on your own:

Change your flight on the website:

Go to Spirit Airlines’ website and click on the menu at the top-left of the homepage. Then select ‘My Trips’ with a briefcase icon on the left. Put in your last name and ticket confirmation code in the ‘Find My Trips’ part.

Click ‘Continue’ to change your flight. Make sure everything looks good before you send it to customer support.

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Manage your ticket on the mobile app:

You can also use the mobile app to change your Spirit Airlines booking. Here’s what you do:

  • Tap ‘Find My Trips’.
  • Put in your flight info and confirm.
  • Change your flight details.

Chat with Spirit Airlines:

Spirit Airlines’ website has a ‘Chat with Us’ feature. Choose your language and start a live chat with Spirit customer care to get help. You will get an instant assistant with the Spirit Airlines social media for your Flight modification request.

These options might make it easier for you to change your Spirit Airlines flight without any hassle.

Offline Spirit Airlines Change Flight Options

If you don’t have the internet, you can still change your Spirit Airlines flight without any worries. Here’s how:

Text or use WhatsApp:

You can text Spirit Airlines at 48763 (message rates apply) or chat with them on WhatsApp at +1-855-728-3555. This helps you reach their customer service to ask for help with changing your flight.

Call customer support:

You can call Spirit Airlines at +1-855-728-3555 to talk to a real person. It’s free to call, and they have people available all day and night to help with your travel concerns. They might charge a small fee for changing your booking, depending on when you need the change.

Change your flight at the airport:

Some airports, like Atlantic City International Airport, have Spirit Airlines offices. If you’re nearby, you can visit their office at the airport and ask someone there to help you change your flight.

These options are handy if you can’t get online to change your Spirit Airlines flight. This is suitable for the last minute changes for any genuine reasons. You can pay the extra fee amount and make changes to your existing booking or Flight.

Spirit Airlines Change Flight Time Policy

Spirit Airlines lets you change or modify your flight’s date or time, but there are rules to follow. You can do this if your flight hasn’t taken off yet. To change it, make sure you ask at least 60 minutes (1 hour) before your scheduled flight.

If you booked a Bundle option, you need to manage it at least 24 hours before the flight. Otherwise, the agent might say no to your change request.

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Spirit Airlines Flight Change Fees

Spirit Airlines wants you to change your ticket early to avoid extra charges. If you change your Spirit Airlines booking more than 60 days before your flight, there’s no extra fee.

But if you change it within six days of your flight, they’ll take out $19 from your refund. Change it between 8 to 30 days before your flight, and they’ll charge you $99. Change it 31 to 59 days before, and the fee ranges from $69 to $70.

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