Discover the Benefits of Stairlifts for your Home

By Rawat Jan18,2024

As people get older, moving around the house can get tough, especially managing stairs. This can make daily life a bit tricky, and some might think about moving to a smaller home or retirement home, which can be expensive. But there’s a simpler and cheaper solution: installing a stairlift. It’s a quick fix that not only makes using stairs easier but also brings along lots of other benefits.

  • Safety

A stairlift makes using stairs at home way safer. With a motorized chair, you cut down the chance of getting hurt. Stairs are a common spot for accidents, but a chair lift reduces the risk of falls that could cause serious injuries like a broken hip or leg.

As we get older, using stairs for exercise can be risky if our muscles weaken and moving becomes harder. But having a stairlift doesn’t mean giving up exercise! Local gyms have safer options like walking on a treadmill, swimming or using stationary bikes, which are much better than risking falls on the stairs.

  • Simple to Use

Using a stairlift is super easy! You sit down, buckle up, and hold a switch on the armrest to go up or down the stairs. When you want to stop, just let go of the switch. You can place the switch on whichever side is most comfortable for you.

The stairlift also comes with two remotes, which are handy if more than one person uses it. If the lift is at the bottom and you’re upstairs, just press the ‘up’ button on the remote to bring it to you.

  • Comfortable Ride

Most folks find riding a stairlift super smooth and comfy. They’re designed to be extra cozy. Its seat, back, and armrests come with padded cushions for a really comfortable ride every time.

  • Gives you Independence

Stairs can sometimes make it hard to use parts of your home, like the basement or upper floor. You might need help from someone just to go up or down. But with a stairlift, you get your independence back! It’s a safe and easy way to reach those areas on your own, giving you the freedom to move around your home.

  • The Fastest and Cheapest Way to Age in Your Own Home

When stairs become a challenge, a stairlift is a fast and affordable fix. Just like any buy, it needs a bit of checking out. But once you decide, a straight staircase lift can be installed in a few days. If your stairs have curves, it might take a few weeks as the rails need custom design to fit those twists and turns exactly.

  • Enables You to Stay at Home

Staying home matters a lot to most seniors. A study by the AARP showed that 9 out of 10 seniors want to grow old right at home instead of going to a senior community. If stairs are the main worry for safety, but you can move around otherwise, a stairlift gives you the choice to keep living at home.

  • A Temporary Fix for an Injury

Stairlifts are usually bought by seniors who find it hard to move, but they can help anyone get better from an injury, too. Having one lets you go around your home while your legs heal. If you only need it for a short while, renting a stairlift is a smart choice.

By Rawat

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