Toll-Free Numbers in Healthcare: Ensuring Accessibility and Privacy

By Rawat Feb23,2024

A toll-free telephone number is a cloud-based communication solution that is popular among different business industries. Toll-free telephone numbers start with specific codes that denote the countries and offer free call service to the customers. Toll-free telephone number uses an 1800 series that can be dialled free of charge, anywhere across India.  Buying a toll-free number helps businesses to provide round-the-clock service for customers to resolve issues, answer questions and address enquiries. The numbers usually have prefixes like 860, 855, 888 etc. Toll-free numbers help businesses to expand effortlessly without onsite infrastructure. It also provides easy access to call recordings, sends SMS acknowledgements to customers, and provides real-time alerts; along with options for blacklisting and working hours setup for managing cost. Toll-free number service comes with the feature of personalizing the call flow and adding call routing rules to ensure seamless customer service. 

The best toll-free number in India is one that allows a business to offer uncompromised services to customers. Toll-free numbers are used by the healthcare industry for different purposes. It ensures accessibility and privacy that profits the business as we as the customers. Some of the means and ways of ensuring accessibility and privacy in the healthcare industry are as follows:

1.  Information and awareness: A toll-free number in India is used by the healthcare industry for information dissemination. It helps a business to create awareness among the citizens. With toll-free numbers, the healthcare industry uses it as a tool to offer meaningful formation. It makes information accessible without interfering with the privacy of the people. A person can gain sensitive information that is otherwise considered “taboo” to be discussed in public by using toll-free numbers. Healthcare information on HIV/AIDS, sexual diseases, safe sex, and abortion, can be important issues that can be discussed through toll-free numbers. Myths, misunderstandings and lack of information are related to such topics. Toll-free numbers can allow people to reduce all the information gaps and get more access to information. It helps to maintain privacy as anyone can call without feeling shy or awkward. 

2. Reduce language barrier: With multiple language options offered by toll-free numbers, customers can get more access to any service and facility. The healthcare industry can offer different regional language options that bring the customers closer to the business. They can choose any language according to their comfort. It reduces the language barrier and confirms accuracy in information dissemination. 

3. 24×7 support: Healthcare is an important service industry that deals with general as well as emergency services. Any healthcare industry needs to offer round-the-clock service for its customers. The best toll-free numbers in India are those that reduce communication barriers by offering 24×7 support that is available for the customers irrespective of different time zones, geography or language. A patient can call on the toll-free number to book appointments, get medicines, book lab tests, call an ambulance etc. 

4. Reminder: The best toll-free number in India offers reminder services to customers. The healthcare industry can send reminders to customers for routine check-ups, new services, discounts etc. with this feature. It helps the customer to be aware of the different services offered. It makes healthcare services accessible to customers without disclosing any private information about the patient. It also offers a stable lead generation with an increasing customer engagement rate thus resulting in customer satisfaction. 

5. Telemedicine and consultancy: A toll-free number is used for telemedicine and consultation in the healthcare industry. It makes healthcare accessible, available and affordable. Patients may not be able to travel far; telemedicine makes it easier. Through audio or video calls, patients can easily discuss anything with the doctors. It also ensures privacy as no information is shared out in public. This is best utilized for mental health consultation as people can comfortably discuss their issues without having to face them in person and get the best service. 6. Suicide and violence reduction: Cases of suicide and any kind of violence, mainly domestic violence are serious health issues. Both are sensitive issues that need specific attention and intervention. It can be controlled and intervened through toll-free numbers. Toll-free numbers can be used to report cases of domestic violence and suicide attempts and thus services can be offered accordingly. A toll-free number integrated with a missed call number can be used to register such sensitive issues for intervention.

By Rawat

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