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By Rawat May1,2024

Studying MBBS in Abroad under 20 lakhs is a dream for many students, but it can be difficult for some to complete or even appear for it. Not only does the competition create a barrier, but financial situations also hold back many deserving candidates. In such cases, pursuing MBBS in foreign countries becomes one of the options. 

However, having a low budget or less financial support should not be the reason to cancel or give up on the dream of becoming a doctor. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the affordable MBBS courses that Indian students can apply for in foreign countries. When applying for an MBBS course abroad, budget is one of the most important factors to consider. People often think about medical universities that offer affordable MBBS courses, whether the university is approved or not, and many other factors. 

However, with so many colleges in India, it begs the question: 

Why do people Choose to Study MBBS Abroad? 

In this blog, we will compare and present universities that offer MBBS courses under 15 to 20 lakhs abroad. We will also explain why people decide to study abroad, the options available to them and many more. Firstly, there is vast competition in India for less than 80 thousand medical seats. Around 14-15 lakh Indian students apply for these seats. Students can expand their options by applying for MBBS abroad under 20 lakhs in foreign universities. Another reason for this is the donation culture prevalent in some Indian medical colleges, which can prevent deserving candidates from securing admission. 

In contrast, universities abroad offer a low fee structure that tackles the main issue of today’s discussion. The range of fee structures offered by universities abroad is less in many countries. Moreover, the worldwide recognition that these universities offer gives students great exposure and opportunities to practice in many foreign countries like the USA, UK, Russia, and many more. Student exchange programs that are offered by universities abroad give students the opportunity to experience traditional, cultural, and educational diversity. 

Yes, MBBS courses are available for under 20 lakhs in foreign universities. There are many countries and universities that offer the course at very low tuition fees. And believe me, it does not compromise the quality of education at all. Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Uzbekistan are some of the countries that offer MBBS at a cheap cost. There are top NMC & WHO approved medical universities in these countries that offer the worldwide recognized medical degree at a very low fee structure. If you are interested in pursuing an MBBS course abroad, there are multiple options available. 

Take a look at the following top medical universities from different countries that offer medicinal courses at a cheap cost:

Top CountriesTop UniversityTotal Fees (Approximately)
GeorgiaCaucasus International UniversityRs. 20 Lacs
KazakhstanCaspian International School of MedicineRs. 17 Lacs
UzbekistanSamarkand State Medical InstituteRs. 15 Lacs
RussiaBashkir State Medical UniversityRs. 18 Lacs
KyrgyzstanKyrgyz State Medical AcademyRs. 16 Lacs

How to Apply for MBBS Abroad?

To take admission for an MBBS course abroad for Indian students, you need to follow a simple admission process. There is a common admission process for every country, which we will explain here. Other than this, you can contact the university or an educational consultancy to know more about the further procedures. 

Step 1: The first step is to fill out the online application form.

Step 2: Submit the required documents for the invitation letter. 

Step 3: Pay the first-year fee after getting the invitation letter from the university within 15 to 30 days. 

Step 4: Apply for the student visa and submit the remaining documents to the university. 

Step 5: Get ready to fly with a passport and student visa. 

Apart from the above-mentioned options, there is another option available to do MBBS with a low cost abroad, i.e. scholarship. Many universities offer scholarships for Indian students that cover the tuition fee and/or living expenses of the students. There are many plans and schemes, including government schemes and individual university schemes, to cover the expenses.

By Rawat

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