Can You Get the CS Test Series for Free Before Your Real CA Exam?

By Rawat May27,2024

Preparing for the Chartered Accountant (CA) exam requires extensive practice and rigorous study. One effective way to prepare is by taking test series, which simulate the actual exam environment. However, the cost of these test series can be a concern for many students. This raises an important question: Can you get the CS test series for free before your real CA exam? Let’s explore the options available.

Free Test Series Offered by Coaching Institutes

Many coaching institutes that offer CA preparation courses also provide free test series as part of their package. If you are enrolled in a coaching institute, it is worth inquiring whether they offer a complimentary CS test series free for their students. These test series are often designed by experienced faculty and provide a realistic exam experience.

Coaching institutes may also occasionally offer free test series to attract new students. Keep an eye out for promotional offers or free trials that these institutes might advertise. Signing up for these promotions can give you access to high-quality test series without any cost.

Online Educational Platforms

Several online educational platforms offer free test series for CA students. Websites like Unacademy, Testbook, and Gradeup frequently provide free mock tests and test series for various competitive exams, including the CA exam. These platforms often have a mix of free and paid content, so you can take advantage of the free resources available.

To find these free test series, visit the educational platforms’ websites or download their mobile apps. Registering on these platforms usually grants you access to a range of free practice tests and study materials. Additionally, some platforms may offer free test series during special events or as part of their promotional campaigns.

Student Forums and Social Media Groups

Student forums and social media groups dedicated to CA preparation can be valuable resources for finding free test series. Platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Telegram have groups where students share study materials, tips, and free resources. Joining these groups can help you connect with fellow CA aspirants who might have access to free test series or know where to find them.

Sometimes, students who have already taken the CA exam share their test series or mock exams for free in these forums. Participating actively in these communities can also provide you with additional study tips and motivation from peers.

Official CA Institutes and Organizations

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), the official body governing the CA profession in India, occasionally provides free mock tests and test series on their website. These resources are designed to help students prepare for the CA exams and are often available for free or at a minimal cost.

Visiting the ICAI website and regularly checking their announcements can help you stay updated on any free test series they might offer. Additionally, ICAI regional chapters sometimes conduct free mock exams or test series for their members.

Free Trials and Limited-Time Offers

Many companies that offer test series for CA exams provide free trials or limited-time offers to attract new users. These free trials usually include a few sample tests from their full test series, allowing you to evaluate the quality of their content without any financial commitment.

To take advantage of these offers, visit the websites of popular test series providers like Edu91, Topper’s Exam, or CA Test Series. Look for any free trial options or limited-time promotions they might have. Signing up for these trials can give you access to valuable practice tests for free.


While preparing for the CA exam can be expensive, there are several ways to access CS test series free . Coaching institutes, online educational platforms, student forums, official CA organizations, and free trials all offer opportunities to practice without incurring additional costs. By utilizing these resources, you can enhance your exam preparation and improve your chances of success in the real CA exam.

By Rawat

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