A DNA paternity test helps to give comfort to both parents.

It’s a fact that about 35 percent of men in America are parenting someone else’s child. You might be wondering what’s so surprising about that? Well, they don’t even know that the baby belongs to someone else. Shocked! This unknown factor can lead to 18 years of financial slavery for men. On the other hand, many single mothers are not getting any of the child support payments they deserve.

So it is better to resolve this unknown factor issue to give relief to both the parties. A DNA paternity test gives 99.99% accurate results. It reveals who the father is, which has increased paternity tests by 12 percent each year. It is also considered a legal and scientific criterion to determine the relationship between the child and the father.

However, if you need a DNA test for peace of mind, a cheap home DNA testing is just right. This type of test is cheap and easy. It provides answers to paternity and other questions related to genes. Paternity DNA test is not only to determine the biological relationship but also helps to know many health related issues. It can help you study your entire body thoroughly. You may discover things about your body, cells, and genes that you didn’t know.

Always choose a 24 marker test rather than a 16 marker DNA test as it provides more accurate results. Paternity USA is one of America’s most trusted DNA paternity testing labs. They courier DNA testing kits to homes for sample collection. All tests are conducted twice and reports are made available within 2 days.

DNA tests are done in two processes

1. Collecting DNA

Cells are collected by swabbing from the participant’s cheek. It is painless and takes hardly any time.

Four swabs are provided to each participant claiming a DNA test. All four swabs are gently rubbed inside each participant’s mouth to collect cells.

The swab is then stored in a paper envelope or in an airtight container such as a small bottle so that the wet swab is not contaminated and inhaled to prevent mold.

2. Lab Test

Swabs are sent to a laboratory for testing.

At least 16 genetic markers are analyzed for each participant. It provides accurate and many other information.

The entire process is handled by a geneticist who determines the possible relationship between each participant.

If an individual test is run, the participant is given more data about their body.

For a home paternity test, the procedure is slightly different. However, remember that home tests are just for your peace of mind. It does not help to take any legal action. For legal procedures like child custody or financial support, one has to get court orders for a paternity test.

Order the kit online from a trusted lab or get it from a pharmacy.

Lab fees and DNA test kit fees are different. So you sometimes have to pay twice to get the test done.

If you know a reliable lab, register online on their website. Collect cheek cells from the inside of the participant’s mouth, store it in a container or envelope, and mail it or submit it to a lab.

There is a fixed time for the reports to come out. You will either receive it by mail or they will give you a password to check it online on their website. In both the cases the duration is different.

Medical science has advanced a lot. It is easier to determine the DNA result between father and child while the fetus is inside the mother’s womb. It can be identified during the eighth month of pregnancy. The latest method extracts fetal DNA from the mother’s plasma or blood. This is called prenatal diagnosis. The same DNA test can also determine if the fetus has Down syndrome.

This technology is far better than amniocentesis. In amniocentesis, a small amount of fluid surrounding the fetus is extracted through a needle and tested. It can be risky for the fetus. There is another test done for Down syndrome, which is the chorionic villus sampling where tissue from the placenta gets scraped, and lab tested. It can cause infection and sometimes miscarriages or birth defects. Hence, the DNA test is considered the best way as of now.

DNA is present in most cells in our body. Therefore, several body sources are helpful for DNA tests. However, the most commonly used cells for testing are obtained from blood and inside the cheek which is called the buccal cells.

Sometimes, there comes a situation where there is no availability of source DNA samples from the siblings of the alleged parents. During such cases, the experts will loom for the next best sources, which are the half-siblings of the parents. Even though there are greater chances of finding accurate results in the avuncular dna tests, the chances of getting the wrong or weak-leaning conclusions as results are quite high. 

Sometimes, tussles arise on who will take care of children when their parents die. Some relatives even deny a relationship with the kids left behind. If your parents are no more, the grandparent DNA test is a good idea. This approach helps you win in an inheritance claim. 

By Rawat

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