Unknown Facts about Ravana

Unknown Facts about Ravana

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While many are conscious of his end in the hands of Rama, a number of his key life events remain unknown to many Facts about Ravana.

Ravana wasn’t his First Name

He was Known as Dasagriva, meaning that the one with ten heads.

He had been Appointed Ravana Following a Chance Encounter with Shiva

While traveling in his pushpaka vimana, a celestial chariot that will constantly comply the rider, Dasagriva came across Mount Kailasha at which Lord Shiva lived together with his spouse. The pushpaka vimana, nevertheless, could not fly beyond the mountain, and thus, the haughty Dasagriva proceeded to lift the mountain . Since the mountain started to shake Dasagriva’s might, Shiva pushed down the mountain along with his fur, beating Dasagriva’s hands. Dasagriva let out a loud scream in misery, making him the title’Ravana’, meaning’person who roars or yells’.

He had been Clearly One of Shiva’s Best Devotees

Humbled from Shiva, Ravana became one of the best devotees, writing hymns in praise of the Destroyer, beneath the Kailasha mountain. Pleased by his loyalty, Lord Shiva introduced him with an invincible sword known as the Chandrahasa.

He was Conquered by Others before Rama

Aside from the powerful Rama, Ravana was likewise conquered by two other tribes. Both events taught Ravana to become humble.

Ravana was a master in most kinds of this Angampora martial arts and has been the most feared Angam warrior of all time.

He had been the Great-Grandson of Brahma.

Ravana’s grandfather was Sage Pulastya, which had been among those ten mind-born sons of Brahma.

Ravana had Originally Decided against Abducting Sita

Based on Valmiki’s Ramayana, Ravana was informed about Rama from the rakshasa called Akampana He was the only survivor of a conflict where Rama killed Ravana’s 14,000 rakshasas in 48 minutes, such as his cousins, Khara and Dushana. But when his sister Surpanaka approached him with her broken nose, then Ravana chose to proceed with his former strategy ignoring the pleas of Maricha.

Ravana gave a one-piece ultimatum into Sita informing her to change her mind and take him as her suitor. In addition, he threatened to kill her when she denied him in the close of the year.

He Talented a Jewelled Amulet for his Charioteer

At the last battle between Rama and Ravana, Ravana’s charioteer discovered that his king had been drained as a result of continuing duel. In an attempt to present his master a few reprieve, he drove the chariot from the battle. Ravana was angry at the charioteer for making him seem like a coward, running away in the conflict. The charioteer calmly said that he simply wanted Ravana to recover before getting back in the action entirely energised, promising his devotion to the god of Lanka. Touched by the voice of his charioteer, Ravana presented him with a jewelled amulet and arranged to be return to the battlefield.