6 Pandemic Wedding Trends that are Here to Stay

6 Pandemic Wedding Trends that are Here to Stay

In the past year, the pandemic has made it very clear for everyone that change is inevitable. And it has become imperative to go on with life because this is the new normal in the world. And life cannot stop for the virus. And weddings are a part of life.

Planning a Wedding in a Banquet Hall in Houston

When you are planning a wedding, you obviously check for the trends so that you can incorporate them in your celebration too. Right now, when you are booking one of the best banquet halls in Houston for the biggest day of your life, you also need to know about the trends that are now dominating the new normal weddings. Take a look at the following points to know more.

More of Indoor Intimate Weddings

The pandemic has made it clear that it is not safe anymore to plan a huge celebration and invite a lot of people. Now, weddings are smaller and more intimate. At the same time, maintaining the sanitization requirements can be tricky if it is outside. And that is why indoor weddings are here to stay. Just like you, everyone is searching for banquet halls near me and that is why you need to book the right venue right away for your wedding.

Curated Guest List

Weddings have become more intimate and that is why the guest list needs to be curated too. Experts on wedding planning say that having a curated guest list is the ultimate way to plan a successful event. So, just like all the couples who are getting hitched during the pandemic, you also need to be thoughtful about the guest list. Yes, you want to have all your loved ones at the event. But owing to the situation of this new normal world, planning an intimate guest list is a smart choice.

Sanitary Measures will Remain in Place

The pandemic has taught us to be over careful about the sanitization part. And with the virus still being present and infecting people, it is necessary that the sanitization of the venue is done properly. So, when you are looking for the best reception halls in Houston for your wedding, make sure that the hall authority is taking this as seriously as you are. The staff must always wear their masks and gloves and maintain other sanitary measures too.

Intimate Musical Performance

A wedding without music is always incomplete. While the weddings before the pandemic used to have a live band and the customary dance floor where the guests would dance out the night, things have changed now. Given the lesser number of guests, the weddings have intimate musical performances. Now, more than anything, it is all about personal feelings. And that is why having intimate musical performance is in trend. When you are booking the hall, you can ask if they can arrange the local musician for the night.

Live Streaming of the Event

It is obvious that you want to have all your loved ones to be present at your wedding. But owing to the situation, everyone around the world might not come to attend your wedding. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have their blessings. Your relatives and loved ones in a different state, country and continent can watch your live streaming and remain present at your wedding from their home.

Single Style Serving

With the pandemic, the safety concerns of the buffet dinner have become more prominent. And that is why single serving style is here to stay. Packed food and the wedding cake has become the trend. If you are searching for catering halls near me, discuss this with their in-house caterers. So, what are you waiting for? Keep these trends in mind and ensure a perfect wedding even in this time.