How to choose stockings and tights for the office?

How to choose stockings and tights for the office?

According to business etiquette, office workers are required to wear tights and stockings to cover their legs. In more modern business industries, most women do without them. But still, the office dress code for ladies still implies the presence of tights.

In fact, tights for the legs are the same as a make-up for the face. They give the look a complete look. But if you do not take into account certain nuances, then you can simply slide into vulgarity and leave not the best impression about yourself.


Business style is predominantly inherent in flesh-colored tights and stockings. They don’t have to be very thin, but dense ones will also look old-fashioned. Medium density is the best option. Colored stockings can be allowed to be worn at an informal event – a corporate party or a colleague’s anniversary.

This does not mean that you need to choose tights of one specific format and forget about individuality forever. Business-style pantyhose and stockings manufacturers offer products in different weights and colors.


The density of tights can be determined by the denier value (den):

  • In summer, women prefer thin tights – 5-15 den;
  • For cool weather and air-conditioned rooms – 15-30 den;
  • From 40 to 60 den – for cold winters;


Fashion for tights of different shades is constantly changing. But is it worth chasing fashion, changing your taste? Of course no. You also need to consider that your favorite colors may be inappropriate in a business look with online replica lawn dresses. For example, many world-renowned stylists will say that white tights are completely inappropriate in the office.

Another common mistake is that many women try to match the color of tights with their clothes. It is not right. And, most likely, the girl will notice this nuance when she tries to choose shoes for a monochrome look. You need to pay attention not to the combination of tights with clothes, but to “compatibility” with the chosen footwear.

As a result, if your shoes are dark in color, then you need to choose dark tights. For example, black tights will go well with blue shoes. With brown shoes, everything is much simpler: any cream, nude and brown tights are perfect. It is worth avoiding unless too bright combinations. Better to focus on more practical shades.

It is also important that the color of the tights matches your skin tone. It is better if the tights are slightly darker than the skin. To determine “compatibility” with sheer tights, check the color on the inside of the wrist – the hands are usually much darker than the legs.

And yet, with what color of clothing are dark tights and stockings combined? For example, dark gray and navy blue tights always look great with dark skirts and make your legs look slimmer. But choose the size very carefully. Dark tights should fit perfectly so that the color is evenly distributed over the leg and does not create the effect of “dark stripes” or “dark spots”.

Matte black shades will look great with short skirts. But don’t confuse matte material with shiny fabric. The latter just does not fit the business style.

Prints are also appropriate. Many women prefer simple patterns or classic polka dots. But you need to remember that simple patterns should be barely distinguishable on tights, and the diameter of the polka dots should not exceed 1 cm, otherwise the image risks becoming playful, not businesslike.

In a conservative business environment, tights are an integral part of office style, no matter what season is outside the window. Naked legs, even very well-groomed ones, create an intimate flair that is appropriate only outside the office. Therefore, it is better to adhere to business etiquette in order to feel “at ease” at work.

Warm trends are the most fashionable coats of this season

The main outfit for the fall for any fashionista is a coat, and designers delight women with new collections every year. Several interesting models have appeared this fall, which are worth paying attention to:

  • Cell. A plaid coat is a classic solution for any fashionista. You can find a coat in a small and bright cage like a tartan or the classic crow’s feet pattern in black and white. For autumn, it is better to choose a muted cage, in which the pattern will not be so noticeable. The most fashionable combination of this season will be a set of coats and bags, in which the same pattern is repeated.
  • As you can see, you will have a wide choice to find the style “to your liking.” We advise you to consider all the options and try on coats in different styles, so as not to be mistaken with the choice.

· Interesting combinations and unusual looks

  • Outerwear seems to many to be the simplest thing for which you do not need to select other elements of the image. But a real fashionista knows that the right details create an overall impression of the image. We will show you how to choose the right things and create interesting combinations that will attract attention. For example, a simple leather coat with a fur collar looks too boring. You can play in contrast and instead of traditional black trousers, wear plaid wide trousers and neat low-heeled shoes. By combining classic solutions with original colors and updated cuts, you create a new look that looks more fresh.
  • To accentuate the style of outerwear, you can use contrast with shoes. So, most are accustomed to wearing neat, feminine boots with heels with capes, but in combination with high and rough boots, they look no less interesting. A classic slim-fit coat that has no interesting details or a bright print can be modernized with coarse high-soled boots. 
  • Traditional coat outfits are still trendy, so wear a plaid coat with blue jeans and a sweater. If you have chosen a coat in a large cage, the length of such a top should reach the knees and below. Things with small patterns can be shorter – keep this simple rule in mind and you can hide figure flaws.
  • Another principle that can be followed when choosing clothes is to create an image with things of the same length. When it comes to coats, many do not think this is a good solution, but there are a few exceptions to the general rule. A loose leather coat will look interesting with an elongated half-flared skirt, but all clothes should end at the same level. To emphasize this feature, you can wear rough boots that only cover the ankle and leave the bottom of the leg visible. A long fur coat looks no less interesting in combination with a midi dress made of light fabric. To avoid making the look too luscious, wear rough boots instead of delicate heels.

· Which style is better to choose

  • Despite the fact that this is outerwear, you should choose a coat exactly according to your figure. Modern trends in oversized loose clothing can distort even the slimmest figure, so fitted models and straight-cut products are still the most popular types of outerwear.
  • This season, we advise you to pay attention to a coat with a fur collar and a straight cut. It is this model that is considered the most relevant, the fur should differ in color from the main fabric in order to look contrasting, but not stand out much in the image. By the way, such models look good on short girls, as the massive top is a little distracting.
  • The plaid becomes brighter and more noticeable this year, so we recommend trying on models with contrasting patterns and original prints. Coats look interesting in which the direction of the pattern is oblique, the coat has an O-shaped cut, and the collar is decorated with high fur as an original decor. If you are tired of the cage and want to try something new, take a closer look at the plush models. The dense and warm fabric protects well from frost and looks quite fresh against the background of traditional furshizahassan saree. An interesting feature is that the coat length for this fall varies from a short jacket to floor-length models. A short coat-jacket can be worn in combination with long skirts and trousers, emphasizing the waistline, a long coat is best worn with high heels so as not to look short.
  • You can choose a coat according to your taste in the catalog of our company, where the products of Belarusian manufacturers are presented. Every season we replenish the collection with new models and original styles, so you will definitely find a trendy coat that will emphasize all the advantages of your figure.