Having your Cake and Eating It Too on your Next Beach Vacation

Having your Cake and Eating It Too on your Next Beach Vacation

There are a couple different types of beaches to consider when planning a vacation. Before you can start thinking about various attributes of the beach, you should think about your expectations from the holiday also and what would be the best beach vacation spots for your group. The first decision to make is whether you are looking for the best beach vacation to an exotic resort or whether you might be satisfied with a local destination. Unfortunately, only having a weeklong vacation eliminates a trip to Australia for American holiday makers.

While Bondi beach may not happen with only a few days from the office to cavort in the sun, the United States is blessed with countless great beach towns to enjoy. Some favorites on the east coast are the small communities along the Jersey Shore from Bay Head through Asbury Park. The Eastern shore of Maryland and OCMD are great for party heavy vacations and only a few hours from the nation’s capital and Baltimore. The Outer Banks is a great family destination with a lot of nice extra-large rentals for groups. Savannah, Myrtle Beach, Beach and Charleston are certainly a little different. They might be a little more traditional than most places today, but their popularity with visitors proves to only reinforce those conservative ideals. When you are considering Florida, where do you really start? Daytona Beach or Fernandina up by the Georgia border? Of course there is Boca Raton, Delray Beach and Ft. Lauderdale. Obviously Miami is just Miami. Continue heading south and you find the keys and dozens of places waiting for you.

Some of my personal favorites are actually in the other direction. I am a huge fan of the beaches of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Having spent more than 20 years within a few hour drives of the Hamptons, it’s embarrassing to admit, I have only been out there once.

That is a just a minuscule idea of some of the beaches on the East Coast. On the other side of the country, there are even more nooks and crannies to enjoy. Our first piece of advice is to determine how long you spend traveling to exclude locations from the selection process. The Bahamas and Caribbean beach spots are going to be easier to get to for some people than places on the West Coast.

Planning a beach vacation is a lot of fun, but still requires a bit of reality. This is especially true when factoring in expenses. If you need to have the highest quality to enjoy yourself, it’s possible certain places might be too costly. That’s not really a problem, so long as you remain flexible with the selection of the destination.

Nightlife vs Scenery

Is your group single and looking for some action? If you are looking to really party, should you consider moving it off-shore? Mexico has been in the news again, for all the wrong reasons. The Dominican can supply some laughs and some nice beach scenery. It has the added bonus of being ultra-affordable too. Jamaica is a just a hop, skip and a jump as well. I have never been the biggest fan of Negril and MoBay, but it definitely has it charms. If a bit slower pace isn’t a problem, maybe the Cayman Islands and 7 mile beach should be considered. A comparable place that is little more hip is Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos.

While its fun to daydream about these getaways, keep in mind you need to pay for it as well. If cash is a concern, pick a cheaper destination. An all-inclusive trip is also a possibility. Other than the revolting beer, my only experience with an all inclusive resort was beyond positive.

Most beach vacations in the tropics at least are going to offer adequate and better diving opportunities. Some places like in St. Kitts and Puerto Rico will have world class golf courses. But if you are only looking to golf, Florida is easier to manage. While Florida will invariably be easier for just about everybody, an international trip usually adds an element of excitement.