Digital Hacks for Parenting Digital Generation

Digital Hacks for Parenting Digital Generation

Kids of this age are over smart. Especially teens know how to manipulate the elders and parents and how to turn the tides according to their wishes. These all are the aftermaths of too much screen and technology involved in our lives. Kids know how to use smartphones and tablets etc. They know the customs and trends. Thus teenage phase is the most difficult and sensitive one. So in order to keep up with all the if and how’s of this generation parents need to step up their tech game as well. There is no space for I can not handle a Snapchat filter or how to make the Instagram account private kind of questions. Along with this parents must think outside the box to become digital parents to take extra care of the children especially a teenager. One way to deal with this digital generation is to keep a strict eye on their digital activities. For example, as a parent, you must have complete knowledge of what are they up to with their smartphones, their social media activities,online friends and followers, their school community their interest and games,etc.These and many other questions can only be answered if you live with your teenager like a shadow 24/7 which is impossible I may add. So what are the simplest and easiest way to keep up with teenage life and happening? One way is having monitoring software or a spying app installed in the devices and gadgets.

A monitoring app can do wonders for you. All you need to do is select the app wisely so that you can cherish all the benefits and can take extra care of this tech-savvy generation.

Know Their Online Friends:

Social media monitoring features, the user can know about all the online activities of their kid. The social media monitoring feature include FaceBook screen recorder, Instagram screen recorder, Snapchat screen recorder, WhatsApp screen recorder, Tumblr spy app, Skype screen recorder, screen & voice recorder for kik and many more. These monitoring features allow the user to have remote access to the activity log of the target person. Thus the user can know about every minor activity of the social media account or instant messaging apps. Users can know about the contacts,group chats, and kind of media shared on different apps, and so on.

Know about  Their Real-Life Friends:

It has this listen to surround voice feature that allows the user to listen to all the surrounding chats and voices of the target person. It bugs the mic of the target person device thus parents can listen to their after-school chats and discussion and know about their company. Moreover, by listening to surrounding voices users can know about the location of the target person as well.

Know About Their Online Search History:

The Internet is a wide vast world of information. Information of every kind and in every possible media form. So it is necessary to keep an eye on the online search history of the kids especially teenagers. Users can know about all the visited websites of the target person with track internet history features. The user has remote access to the bookmarked folder as well.So keep a strict eye on the search bar and block any malicious site with the web filtering feature.

Have Access to The Photo Folder:

Parents have complete remote access to the photo folder of the target person device. Thus keep a monitoring eye on the captured and downloaded images and video files and make sure the kid is not into any kind of adult content.

Spy app offers millions of features for android, Mac, and Windows users. One of the best things is that the company offers the features in bundle form so the user can select the bundle of their choice that fulfills their desires and demands. You can keep an eye on their smartphones with the android spy app. For tablet and laptops monitoring have a separate Mac and Windows version. It has a user-friendly interface and simple installation procedure. So just select the package, get it installed by following easy steps, and monitor your teenager’s digital life like a pro with the spy app.