Best Website to Buy Medicine in India

Best Website to Buy Medicine in India

There are also many benefits if you order medicines online as you get many discounts and offers so you can also order it from one of the most trusted websites like PharmEasy and many more which will provide you with discounts and offers.

If you do not want to step out to buy medicines, then you can buy it online as there are many online pharmacies which deliver the medicines at your doorstep. Since the world has become digital be it in ordering food, grocery, or anything else, then why not medicines.

Now, you can buy your medicines online through the best websites and apps which we have stated in this article for you. The websites and apps don’t require you to stand at long lines at the pharmacy stores. You can just upload a description of your medicine utilising your smartphone camera and get all medicines presented right to your house.

The latest online medicine ordering apps or websites are even giving engaging discounts to reach large buyer stands. As per the medical data, over 60 online pharmacies are running in India and included in the transfer of medicines by these best medicine ordering websites and apps.

People also adore the experience that they don’t have to go to the neighbourhood store and can get their medicines relaxing on their couch.

Best Online Medicine Ordering Apps

Here we have mentioned one of the most suitable apps and websites which will help you in ordering the medicines and other health care products that too on discount and offers. Ordering medicines is so easy now that just with a few clicks, you are ready to get the medicines at your doorsteps and if you want to know the apps and website then keep reading:


1mg app lets you purchase medicine online and also obtain detailed knowledge concerning your prescription drugs. You can know regarding dosage, side impacts, and different features about your medicines through the app.

The group has set up connections with local pharmacies that take care of meeting buyer requirements. You can purchase medicines with this online medicine app in towns such as Chennai, Delhi, Lucknow, Agra, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Indore, and Bangalore.

The most beneficial element of the best app is that you can access the titles of medicines and get more affordable choices with the same mixture. The app also allows health tips from renowned doctors based on the medicines you require.


PharmEasy is one of the most considerable online approval medicine portals in India. With this amazing app, you can buy OTC goods, healthcare goods, and medications and also make them home-delivered within 24-48 hours. You can schedule health tests at your home as per the comfort.

There are many offers, discounts, and coupon codes are available for you to get a reduction in the price of your purchase. There will be offers for the PharmEasy New Users and old users in which you at least get 15% off, and some more benefits are also available in the Pharmeasy app and web. Currently, PharmEasy is working in 1000+ towns and cities, including more than 22000+ pin codes overIndia.

This medicine ordering website will assist you with prescription adherence by refilling your medicines every period. So with PharmEasy, no more delay or difficulty of running out of your medicines ever. Download this app now.


NetMeds medicine regulation app is defined by Dadha Company whichhas been working in India since 1914. The online pharmacy enables you to buy fromeverywhere in the society while transfers are made to areas in India only. There are many benefits of Netmeds as they will allow you doorstep delivery, discount, cashback offer, New User offer, and much more.

You can upload your prescript and place your order in minutes utilising the Netmeds app. A discount of 15% is suitable on all kinds of medicines, and the transfers are made within 2 to 3 days. You can also get access to the cash on delivery assistance over areas in India. Amounts can be made by debit and credit cards also through the mobile wallets in India.


Somewhat distinct from plain online medicine ordering apps, Practo was created individually for patient-doctor communication and meetings; the benefit to order medicines was combined succeeding.

The app delivers medicines and health goods to over 100 cities in India. The contributions are classified based on health circumstances such as skincare, sexual wellness, weight management, pain relief, etc. One can search doctors listed on the base of their practice and immediately communicate with them or the clinic for meetings.

This medicine ordering website lets you order all the medicines and other healthcare products online with some easy steps.


One of India’s most populous online pharmacies, this is a pretty basic app that adjusts more on online medicine orders. Hassle-free booking and order have made this app very famous among the retired communities who are not tech-savvy. The home page is absolute, with just two choices to order medicines. You can avail a 30% discount on your first order and huge discounts of up to 50% on medicines and health goods.

Ask Apollo

This app proceeds from the Apollo Group; you can book meetings at Apollo Hospitals near you, order medicines from the Apollo pharmacy (10% discount) or have online discussions with doctors serving with Apollo. It is a reasonably quality app as each section is organised, and the time and doctor data are accessible immediately.

What’s more, you get quality assistance and the quality support of Apollo. A plus point: the app carries out lots of understanding on health and wellness.

You can get many discounts and offers through which you can get the health care products and medicines at a reduced price.

Advantages of Medicine Ordering Apps

So, why should you look at formulating your own medicine ordering apps? Here is a peek at the advantages for both buyers and companies.

For Buyers

  • You can receive your medicines while relaxing on your bed
  • The apps offer excellent discounts and other purposes like free shipping
  • Get notes about your medical requirements
  • Reach a wide variety of knowledge on prescription drugs and medicines

For Pharmacies:

  • Pharmacies can have an online appearance and improve its buyer base
  • They can bring new buyers and arrive in new earthly places
  • Search medicines and see for general options
  • Stores can maintain their record digitally and get important reminders and information on expiry dates
  • Offer various plans and selling campaigns to buyers
  • Give a superior level of buyer service
  • Advantage or refill orders from repeat customers

So, this was all about the best websites which help you in ordering the medicines and delivers at your doorsteps.