5 Best Coffee Roasters in Calgary You Must Try

5 Best Coffee Roasters in Calgary You Must Try

When you get up in the morning and start your day, having a hot cup of coffee might feel heavenly. And when you are looking for the best coffee in Calgary, how about some authentic roasted coffee? There are many native roasters in Calgary that have become popular over the years. Some of them now have become the staple roasters of the city.

If you are looking for the best coffee roasters in the city to grab a bag of freshly roasted coffee for your morning cuppa, then you are at the right place. Here, in the following points, you will get an exclusive glimpse of the popular roasters and coffee shops Calgary from where you can purchase freshly roasted coffee. Take a look.

Phil and Sebastian

Started in 2007, Phil and Sebastian has become the go-to place for coffee lovers in Calgary. They are now a 5 stores coffee roasters and chains making many people swoon over their amazing coffee. The journey of this roaster started back in 1996 when Phil and Sebastian attended college together. Through various ways, they started planning their own roasters to get the exact authentic taste of the roasted coffee. Started with a small store of roasting at Calgary Farmer’s Market, now they have stores and cafes at Chinook Center, Hudson Block, Marda Loop, Mission and Societe coffee lounge. You can drop by to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed roasted coffee or you can order a bag to make your own cup of coffee everyday. No wonder, they are one of the best coffee roasters in Calgary.


This unique coffee store and roaster believes that coffee can encourage some of the most memorable connections and conversations. And that is why coffee has to be important. Keeping this idea in mind, Kaffeeklatsch has opened its doors in the most unusual places in Calgary, so that you can get a chance to have new encounters and meaningful conversations. Their delicious food and freshly brewed roasted coffee will be your ideal companions for such social interactions. It is rightly said, a lot can happen over a cup of coffee.

Sierra Café

When you are looking for an authentic local roaster that can serve you the best coffee and complementary food with the hot cuppa, drop by at Sierra Café. They believe in offering the most amazing taste to the coffee lovers in town. They roast authentic coffee beans and prepare some amazing cups of coffee. If you are someone who makes your own coffee, then you can pick up the bags of roasted coffees from them too. Their bestselling items are Brazil Yellow Bourbon, Espresso Blend, and Machu Picchu Decaf.

Regal Cat Café

This is the perfect place for blending coffee love with cat love. If you love cats, you can visit this unique café where you can find twelve adoptable cats. Regal Cat Café has partnered with the Meow Foundation and got the cats for their kitty kingdom. They are perfect for a cuddle and a great time of relaxation. And their coffee is also amazing. When you are looking for a cup of amazing filter coffee with a remarkable aroma, this is the place where you should come. Coffee shops and roasters are the places for amazing bonding. And Regal Cat Café takes it to another level of bonding between animal lovers and cute kitties.

Deville Coffee

If you are looking for the best place for getting a cup of roasted coffee and baked delicacies, Deville Coffee should be your option. Their talented coffee crafters and bakers will present to you some amazing preparation that will lift your mood and make you feel blessed. They are a very popular local business with authentically sourced coffee. You will also get some delicious pastry and creative sandwiches. Serving community since 2008, this place offers home delivery of freshly roasted coffee.

Drop by these coffee roasters in Calgary and experience the heavenly bliss that you will get with the best roasted coffee.