4 Pro Tips for Nailing Online Presentation

4 Pro Tips for Nailing Online Presentation

In today’s day, everything is happening over an online platform. The advancement of technology and requirement for social distancing has pushed us to be present virtually. Last year, due to pandemic all company meetings and presentations happened online via Zoom, Google Meet and several other platforms.

We adapt ourselves to the new normal and online presentations, meetings become part of the process. Now, for some, presentation can be daunting, however, taking up presentations training Dubai can help you out. But no matter the training, doing presentations online is a whole different thing.

However, here we are offering you a few pro tips that can help you nail an online presentation. Continue to read till the end to learn all about it.

1. Keep the Presentation Slides Clear and Simple

Use of presentation slides is an age-old process, while we have seen many conference room presentations where the person uses projection slides to talk on the topics. However, when it comes to online presentation, you might have to take a different approach.

Make sure to keep the slides simple instead of using too many words and images. Using slides filled with many texts can be hard to keep up for the viewers and your presentation may seem chaotic as well.

Instead use slides that are minimalist. Make each slide with a simple headline and two to three bullet points to talk about the topic. This way it is easy for you and the other members of the meeting to follow.

2. Start the Presentation with the Right Tool

Online presentation is nothing like your conference room presentation. You may think that sending the presentation file or pdf to the members of the meeting can solve your problem but you may never know who is actually present or not on the presentation.

This is why before getting started on your presentation make sure you get everyone on board to the right tool or software such as join.me or go-to-meeting. These tools help you know who is online and if each member is viewing the same presentation slide.

This will help you keep things organized in your online presentation.

3. Open up a Scope for Conversation

The advantage of using the right collaborative tool also helps you to encourage conversation with the other members. While at the same time not causing any interruption to your talking.

The tools allow the other members to comment and ask questions to you via messaging. Make sure you encourage the other members to converse with you at the beginning of the presentation.

4. Make Sure to Use Visual Examples

Words are always appreciated but so are visuals. When you add images to your presentation slides you not only speak a thousand words with it but also engage the members present at the meeting.

However, make sure the images used on the slides are 100% relevant to the topic on which you are speaking. Anything out of the context can confuse the members and you may end up giving more explanations than you intend to.


These are a few pro tips that can help you nail an online presentation every time. Aside from following these tips, make sure you attend expert presentations training Dubai classes as well. After all, you need pro tips and expert training to sharpen your presentation skills.